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New Mexican Paintings

After spending my first years in New York City, I noticed that I am gradually losing my sense of colors, and my spirit is also becoming increasingly dull. To regain my color-sense, and to recover spiritually I traveled to New Mexico. Rented a small GeoMetro car in Santa Fe, and a bungalow in El Morrow, near the city of Grant, and set up my headquarters there. For over 6 months I did culturanthropological researches all over the state and studied local history. I made friends with people in the nearby Zuni, Apache and Navajo reservations, who taught me about their spiritual traditions. Inspired by the desert, ancient rock-drawings (which I extensively studied in South America and elsewhere for many years later on), the American Indian traditions and fragments of Zuni and Navajo pottery I've found during my long walks I created a series of painting, using natural pigments, which I collected on the mesa above my bungalow,pine-tree resin and aquarell paints. This album contains a selection from this series.
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